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Weekend Holiday Markets and The Must-Have Kids Book About Cows


You have to read this hilarious new book by Kip Cosson

You have to read this hilarious new book by Kip Cosson

We’re so lucky to have an entire, wonderful weekend to finish our holiday shopping! The holiday markets are open and welcoming, and filled with amazing gifts.

One of my favorite finds this year is the fun new children’s book by Kip Cossen, The New York Cow Pow Wow. Here’s the synopsis:

Millions of dairy cows all around the world walk off the job and go on a milk strike. It becomes a world crisis – no milk mustaches, cheese pizza or ice cream! Mayor Meece Mouse decides to host the first ever Cow Pow Wow in New York City in hopes of ending the milk strike. Herds of dairy cows travel to Central Park from over 220 cow nations. They arrive in New York by air, land and sea…

Buy the book from Kip in person at the Union Square Holiday Market to find out how it all ends! And check out all of his lovely books, as well as fun kid’s tees and onesies.Kip does all the illustrations in his books and on his tees.

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~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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